Enzo FX Global Markets


Why Trade Share With EnzoFX

EnzoFX presents a superior trading environment ideally suited for CFD trading across an expansive spectrum of over 10,000 Australian and international share CFDs, complemented by stock CFDs and indices spanning four continents. Our platform empowers you to partake in stock CFDs related to globally renowned corporations and engage in share CFDs on a global scale, enabling you to leverage price oscillations regardless of their orientation.

With EnzoFX, you unlock the advantage of trading both Stock CFDs and share CFDs using two robust platforms, all from a single trading account, accessible on both desktop and mobile devices (Apple iOS & Android). The diversity of stock CFDs originates from varied global markets including London, Hong Kong, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam, and key U.S. exchanges (NYSE & Nasdaq). These encompass a wide spectrum of sectors, ranging from pharmaceuticals and aviation to tourism and prominent tech giants. EnzoFX once again takes the lead by offering an advanced array of stock CFDs, ushering traders into boundless and remarkable opportunities within the global markets.

Equities Trading

EnzoFX offers exposure to international equity markets with authentic market data, low commissions, and competitive margins. Visualize your trades using real market data and engage in transparent CFD trading across four continents and over 10,000 stocks. Unlock the potential for larger position sizes by selecting leveraged trading accounts with competitive financing rates. With the flexibility to trade both long and short, you have the opportunity to capitalize on price movements of global companies.

Within the Australian context, the stock market incorporates pre-open and pre-close phases, during which buying and selling orders can coexist. Subsequently, a computer algorithm matches these orders, establishing the opening and closing prices that facilitate the highest volume of stock trades. EnzoFX grants entry to these very market phases, along with the supplementary liquidity they entail, enhancing your trading experience.

Trade Share CFDs on Our MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Platform

MT5 stand as the globe’s most renowned Forex trading platforms, widely recognized for their excellence in Forex and Commodities trading. In addition to their core offerings, these platforms provide access to a diverse range of Share CFDs. EnzoFX facilitates entry into the world of Share CFDs across four prominent international exchanges, offering a variety of account options to suit your preferences. Capitalize on the option to take long or short positions on some of the most sought-after stocks worldwide, availing leverage possibilities of up to 500:1. For those seeking a more comprehensive Share trading experience, our Iress platform presents over 10,000 DMA Share CFDs for trading, spanning nine distinguished international exchanges.